Customer Engagement

Get feedback insights from your customers

Whether its customer retention, product optimization or brand development, its ultimately about forming a relationship with your loyal customers through controlled feedback. Have customers believing in your vision by being involved and giving useful feedback, and step beyond social media consumption to real customer engagement. Understand the emotional connections people are forming with your product, and ultimately keep your finger on the pulse of your customers as you have ongoing pulse surveys with your engaged customers.

Have conversations with customers

Present new ideas to customers to get early feedback on each stage of your development to the product roadmap and continue the real-time feedback on products as they develop.

Make engagement a continuous part of improving your business. Create your first campaign on SamePage today, and start the customer input and real-time feedback on any aspect of your business. 

Employee Engagement

Empower employees to be engaged

Engaging a modern, 21st century workforce is today's challenge where employees want to feel engaged, work with passion and help move the organization forward. Sending quarterly newsletters into already clogged inboxes and having meetings to realign the priorities and goals of teams are no longer effective. 

Make employees aware of the company vision among mergers & acquisitions and quickly engage new employees acquired amongst bold strategic plans. From Team to Department, your employees will be aligned with the spectrum of goals & objectives and how they relate to the overall company vision & strategy.

Be informed by bottom-up communications

As a company grows, it comes increasingly challenging to be informed by bottom-up communications at every level of the company.  Receive employee feedback on the business, and get actionable metrics and access to real-time employee trends to empower strategic decision-making throughout the different aspects of your business.

Make engagement a continuous part of improving your business. Create your first campaign on SamePage today, and the employees who engage ARE your engaged employees. 




• Create a public

   organization profile page

   that customers can

   follow and message


 • Integrate social media



 • Receive problems &

   proposals in real-time

   from customers  which

   can be upvoted to 

   understand their real



• Trial a free engagement


















Feedback +


• Create engagement

   surveys on new products

   and features


• Receive feedback

   from customers in a

   graphical dashboard so

   you can easily see what

   matters to them about

   your product


• Update engaged

   customers on product

   progress and keep

   the conversation open


• List of individual

   organization officers with

   individual contact

   buttons for a more 

   personal touch













Engagement +


• Promote engagement

   beyond your loyal 

   followers to other 

   SamePage users of

   specific demographics




























Internal Comms

Engagement +


• Create private

   organizational pages per

   department for internal

   branding and employee



• Each department can

   receive problems &

   proposals from 

   employees to

   understand process

   problems from the 

   bottom-up in real-time

   and really push business



• Create internal

   campaigns on goals and



• Update employees

   company progress on

   goals and objectives in

   real time and keep

   the conversation open


• Receive feedback from

  employees on goals and

  objectives so that they

  feel engaged and your

  decisions informed





• Whitelabel of a private 

   managed SaaS 

   subdomain instance


 + Public Customer




 + Public Reach