Citizen Engagement

Be Empowered

Citizens want to be engaged in local and national decisions that impact them. By having direct communication with engaged citizens on a particular topic, you get fast feedback to empower decisions big and small, watch for early trends and ultimately what is making an impact to the opinions en masse. Keep your finger on the pulse of real-time trends though continuous pulse surveys. Provide a place where the problems of the population can be aggregated. Be empowered by your population through systemic engagement. 

Communicate Governmental Vision

Leaders in government have a vision of progress that informs strategic plans and policymaking. Demonstrating that vision allows citizens to be informed and choose to become aligned. Increase political participation and gain a following, increase voter turnout and reinforce their right to have a vote.

Keep your finger on the pulse of what impact’s citizens. Create your first campaign on SamePage today, and allow your engaged citizens to be involved.

Smart Cities

Engage in Data-Driven Decisions

A 'Smart City' is about making decisions informed by data, and what better data than that of her engaged citizens. Provide a place where the problems of the population can be aggregated. Turn the problems with the most impact into ad-hoc campaigns where you can receive the feedback you need and demonstrate the progress you make on their behalf, and make your engaged individuals feel involved.

Make data-driven decisions and be informed on of the problems of your city with the greatest impact. Contact us to explore your options on systematically bringing the next city online.




• Create an organization profile

   page that users can follow

   and message


 • Integrate social media feeds


 • Receive problems & proposals

   in real-time from users which can

   be upvoted


• Trial a free campaign








Feedback +


• Create engagement surveys 

   on campaigns


• Receive feedback from citizens in

   a graphical dashboard so you can

   easily see what matters


• Update engaged citizens on

   campaign progress and keep the

   conversation open


• List of individual organization 

   officers with individual contact 

   buttons for a more personal





Engagement +


• Promote campaigns beyond your 

   followers to other SamePage

   users of a specific demographic


• Access to the results of

   state- and nation-wide

   demographic campaign results


• Respond on state- and nation-

   wide demographic campaigns 


+ Request new state- and nation-

   wide demographic campaigns





Smart City

Engagement +


• Engage every municipal

   service immediately with our

   'Smart City' template of

   municipal pages


• Ability for each municipal 

   organization to provide

   responses on other pages


• Create private organizational

   pages for internal employee



• Reach all SamePage users

   with a demographic within the