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A simple trick to get more control over your email

Emails have been the prime means of communication for several businesses for quite some time now. In fact, it has become the ‘industry standard’ for communication between companies. Thus, it is important that you manage your inbox as well as your emails. A swamped email inbox can lead to both higher levels of stress and lower productivity, but technology has offered us alternatives.

Schedule Emails

In April 2019, Google announced that Gmail would support one of the most convenient features of emailing, email scheduling. Now, months after its arrival, this schedule send tool definitely stands out as Google’s finest email attributes. This tool prevents you from sending emails in the middle of the night or over the weekend, especially if they are being sent to a different time zone. In fact, the same applies to people sending out their emails via Outlook. You do not want to give your clients the idea that you are available at all hours. So, if you are trying to send your emails out at the perfect time, or there is a possibility of change in the propositions mentioned in your email, the scheduling tool is absolutely perfect for you.

Benefits of Scheduling Your Emails

Being able to schedule emails for the right time is definitely a boon. We all, at some point of time, have saved emails as drafts with the purpose of sending it later. Thus, the ease of scheduling emails via Google and Outlook is much appreciated. So, what are the benefits of scheduling your emails? Let us take a quick look:

  • You can avoid sending out your messages late at night and you will never forget to send out a draft that you composed the previous night.

  • Scheduling lets you be in complete control of time zone differences. Hence, you can schedule your emails to be sent out at times when they are most likely to be read.

  • You can prevent sending emails over weekends and during evenings, thereby helping you acknowledge the free time of your co-workers.

  • Allows you to be absolutely productive with your own schedule while easily accommodating time to communicate with your recipients.

  • Scheduling your emails makes your outbox extremely flexible. You can make adjustments to your draft till the scheduled time and make sure that you have inserted the right attachments.

Scheduling Emails on Google

Scheduling emails on Google is extremely easy and simple. You only need to follow the given steps:

  1. Go to Gmail on your Computer.

  2. Click on the Compose button at the top left corner.

  3. Craft your email.

  4. Click the dropdown button next to Send at the bottom left.

  5. Click on Schedule Send.

6. Select the Date and Time of your choice and Schedule your email.

You can schedule for up to 10 recipients.

Scheduling Emails in Outlook

Like Google, Outlook also allows you to schedule your emails for later through a few simple steps:

  1. Create a message, forward a message or reply to a message.

  2. Move to the Options tab.

  3. Select the Delay Delivery option in the More Options category.

4. Go to the Properties dialogue box and click on the Do not deliver before checkbox.

5. Select a Date and Time when you would like to send your message and select Close.

6. Select the Send option in the message window.

This leaves your message in the Outbox till the scheduled time and is subsequently sent to the recipients.

So, now that you have a fair idea of the steps to schedule your emails, make the best of it and rid yourself of sending emails at the wrong time.


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