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Privacy policy

We have legal obligations towards you in the way we deal with personal information. Rest assured, your privacy is our concern when it comes to your data, and we outline our privacy statements below on how we meet data protection principles. This privacy policy outlines how we protect your personal data, including what personal data is being collected, in what way and what it will be used for.


Personal Data

When you consent to this privacy policy, you allow us to have access to personally identifiable information so that you can use our app. When you use our app, we:

  • Have programmatic access to your personal files for the purposes of providing you with additional functionality

  • Will securely save any personal or personally identifiable data 

  • Any sensitive data will be treated with the utmost confidence

  • May collect aggregated and anonymous statistics

  • May demonstrate this aggregated data anonymously to third parties

  • Do NOT directly market under this consent. You can opt-in to marketing communications separately (e.g. at our blog or on other social media channels)


We make it our business to ensure your data stays absolutely private at all times we will endeavour to protect your individual data.


Any data shared will be statistically in an anonymous format with no individual or personally identifiable data. We do not share your individual data for marketing purposes.


When you add any public information (e.g. comments) to our site, you are personally identifiable and you are leveraging your right to freedom of expression of your opinions. This information can be removed should you so choose from within the site.


Data Retention

Any data shared will be aggregated data in an anonymous format.


Data security is an important part of maintaining your privacy, and we take our security responsibilities seriously. This includes employing appropriate security measures, encrypted data transfer protocols (when it is in transit across the web to you) and data stored in secure servers (when it is resting in our databases) where appropriate.


With the privacy commitments above we deliver GDPR data protection principles to you regardless of whether you are an EU citizen or not.

The GDPR regulation is Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and more information can be found by searching online for your country, or on these sites by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner:


For EU citizens, you reserve the right to make a complaint to a commissioner.



We are a small site, so if you want to permanently delete your account or you have another GDPR request, we kindly ask that you send us your request to and we will process your request manually. We have plans to design an automated experience for this in the future.


By using the site you provide us the legal basis to process your data on your behalf.

SamePage is registered in Ireland with company number: 595212. Contact us on the above at

Last Updated: 18Feb2024

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